The dream to “Make America Great again” has finally arrived. The sunshiny Utopia that we all dreamed of where people are seen and judged only by their character and not their skin colour is here. This dream has finally become a reality with no more wars, poverty and famine. Welcome to a world of equality.

Racism and Discrimination are now a thing of the past with the views of segregation and prejudice being changed by great men like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Donald Trump. These great men have used the power of their words to shape generations with Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” Mahatma Gandhi’s “Be the change you want to see in the world” and Donald Trump’s “The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yamakas every day.” these great innovative people have inspired more to follow after them like David Dellinger, Malala Yousafzai, and Nigel Farage.

However, with all the problems that people are suffering in the world right now you can always depend on America the land of the free. We can see a country were the police have done great things for their community protecting young black people from the terrifying gangs like the vicious Tennis Club or the terrifying Yacht Squad blasting their damn Orchestral music. The police’s main focus is helping people all people and the freedom of speech is central to this with great groups that have existed for years remaining a main part of the country itself e.g. the NAACP, Suffrages, and the KKK. The mixture of freedom and law hasn’t been able to reach the nice great peak that America once had in the 1950’s were you were successful and happy and had a simple life (except if you were Black.) However, times have changed with equal opportunities open to everyone.

There is no such thing as racism these days, I mean just think the police stop and check ethnically diverse people simply to ensure their own safety (every week). On top of that people cross the road away from the diverse to simply give you more space on the street side walk and of course the TSA are like your personal valet giving you a friendly massage and checking your bags for you. Lets face the facts alright most crime has been committed by Black people right I mean Barack Obama became president to steal money from the government we are going be so much better with someone like Donald Trump I mean that’s a face that I trust. I myself just can’t trust any of them I mean their just a bunch of trouble making criminals but the ones I trust like James Eagon Holmes,Eric Harris,and Dylan Klebold total trust worthy American citizens unlike Oprah Winfrey, Rosa Parks, and John Lewis all dangerous Black people that did nothing but hurt their own country and people.

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Isabelle Kerr’s piece of writing is very clear point made by herself with an attempt at explaining the “destructive nature” that slang is having on the English language.However the execution of the argument is poorly made with obvious flaws seen throughout the entire piece.

Possibly the only redeeming feature of Kerr’s writing is the clarity in which she presents her ideas and message. Although it was poorly delivered its clear what points she is trying to make. In the piece she is talking about the uselessness of adding some of the slang words we use into the dictionary. One of her points were “Words like twerking unlike and selfie are nothing more than slang which like any fashion trends come and go. After all when was the last time you heard someone call something groovy”. This point is very clear and useful using a metaphor “fashion trend” as an example and a well as a former slang phrase that isn’t used anymore “Groovy” to back her case however, she doesn’t defend slang to give a deeper insight into the limited benefits of slang v the downsides of it and how certain slang words come and(if they do)remain in the English language.

This is further seen in her paragraph about William Shakespeare which further derails her points.Some of her points against slang do not make sense most prominent is her point about Shakespeare “What hope is there? Shakespeare would be turning in his grave.”Shakespeare one of the most famous play writes of our time established in English only because of his use of slang which is a fault made by Isabelle Kerr’s point as she tries to use him to reinforce her point about the lack of need or use of slang. This lack of information rather tears down her point rather than help it.

Isabelle Kerr isn’t able to fully back her argument against slang when the points that she is bringing out further tears down her own argument with the use of William Shakespeare(a man famous for his use of slang) with her claims that the words provided by this current generation being “nonsensical and downright pointless…pitiful emblems of the current young generation’s”

Slang is an intriguing and diverse form of language with the smart interesting and simplistic use of the language only being the type of slang being wildly accepted. Slang gives people the chance for inventiveness and creativity of people to create new and interesting words done by people through the history of the English language and none more famous than William Shakespeare himself with his work depending solely on the use of slang to captivate his audiences to this day. there ain’t noting more to it

Walking down the street I had never thought the world could be this bright. Being selected by my Dad to go on a special trip made me feel like a medieval knight. It felt like an adventure unlike any other. Hear the roar of the chariot my dad calls a car as it barrels down the street the power at his fingertips. I feel so jealous; his control of the wheel that could guide me anywhere. I continue the journey down the road the radio babbling on about some A12 or something but I’m too focused on the giant monuments outside to pay attention. It’s amazing the different size of each building with a variation between huge and huger.

I break from the reality that I concocted for myself turning left to see the face of my brother. He seems sad and unhappy. I stare at him for a while with a smile so large on my face it would have to be surgically removed off my face to stop me smiling. We finally arrive at the destination I look to a sign and it reads Ye Olde Kent Road. I am astounded amazed as the magical gates open at my presence it’s beyond compare. We enter the store with the first thing I grab being the shopping trolley. I get to steer the trolley rolling down the aisle with ease and such speed.

My dad grabbed me by the arm. I expected a slap across my face but received one pound instead. Astounded, speechless, surprised I don’t know what to say what to think. This much money for me. This has turned out to be the best day ever. I race down to the toy section and see a Ben 10 Omnitrix I have only seen a couple episodes but it’s so cool the powers and abilities, but something flickers in the corner of my eyes, I see it the 10th doctor’s screwdriver with psychic paper the options are tearing me apart racking my brain of the different choices, weighing up the advantages . In the end their is only true choice, one option, the screwdriver. This has been an adventure returning home with the spoils of my victory I rejoice and relish in the fact that I came out on top. That was the best day ever.

This is the worst day ever. Dragged away from my laptop to go on a shopping trip that they could easily have gone to on their own I end up being placed in the car. The face of sadness my brother had all those years ago I finally realize why it there in the first place. I remember all of the things I used to enjoy as a child the way I lit up when I was asked to do something as a boy and yet the world seems several shades darker. I drive down to ASDA through Old Kent road. I couldn’t be less bothered about what’s going on and how it’s nothing I currently care about. I turn and see two eyes, a nose, and a smile it’s my cousin. His freakish smile sends chills down my back as I try to ignore everyone and everything until we arrive.

We arrived at the shop with the automatic doors opening as we entered I wished this would be over as quickly as possible. then My father called me and handed me one pound, my cousin was ecstatic I on the other hand wasn’t feeling as cheerful. I started to roam around the store seeing things moved around from where they usually used to be and how different this entire place is from what it was. I walk into the toy section and see the new version of the Omnitrix I can’t believe this things been going on for so long, my dad offers to buy me a new toy but I declined feeling it’s to childish for someone like me. We end the trip feeling no more happier than what I was before.

Goodbye, my irreplaceable son and Happiness My problem was wishing too much for you my loving son 7 years you were loaned to me and now I have to pay Done by the Gods on the right day I could no longer be a Dad? for why should a man not be grieved and be jealous? To get to escape lives troubles and problems. If there is something to be glad about its his age. Sleep now and relax because you lie as my best creation. who was it that his promises be as his love was something that would never leave me.

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In this poem we see many contrasts and parallel’s to William Shakespeare’s Hamlet Soliloquy “To be or not To be”. In both poems one of the most prominent and obvious things that you can see from it is that they both are an internal emotional struggle for both people with Hamlet deliberating whether he should kill himself or his uncle and the Poet deciding if life is worth living without his son.

In Addition, both the poem and play are written by fathers that have lost their sons with one choosing to immortalize him through the play for years/centuries to come and another expressing his deepest sadness and the heartbreak he feels without him here.

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In capitalism their is much seen to the difference we have between it and Communism we can see this by the different aproaches they have e.g Capitalism is a profit based system likened to Democracy with different rights and features obtained because of the rich being able to rule people in the way they see f

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Act 5 Scene 1 The act starts with two gravediggers digging a hole for a christian burial they argue about the fact that the women doesn’t deserve a burial because she killed herself and the other argues she earns it because of her rank. Hamlet and the Gravedigger engage in a game of cat and mouse with questions answered with questions. Then Hamlet speaks of life and death and how every person gets an equal death no matter who they are.

Hamlet hides as the King,Queen,and Laertes arrive with a coffin. Laertes argues with the priest about the burial with the priest refusing a full christian burial because she killed herself. The Queen places flowers on the casket and Laertes over run with grief jumps into the casket. Hamlet realizes it is Ophelia and argues how he loved her more the Laertes ever could. They are separated and Horatio is instructed to look over Hamlet.

Act 5 Scene 2 Hamlet informs Horatio of the events that led to him returning to England telling him about how he found the letter intended for the English King(in Rozencrantz and Guildenstern’s room.) orderings Hamlets beheading but, with great intelligence Hamlet rewrote a second letter ordering the death of Rozencrantz and Guildenstern stating he feels no regret for they betrayed him. Horatio suggests that the King would be informed but Hamlet states that he will act fast now.

Osoric the Kings courtier enters inviting Hamlet to a friendly duel with Laertes with Hamlet humbly accepting Horatio feeling uneasy states that it may be a trap but, Hamlet suggests that he cannot escape his fate if its his destiny all he can do is prepare for it. The duel then is about to begin with Hamlet first apologizing to Laertes about his actions including the murder of his father stating it was in his madness. Laertes states he bears him no grudge. they then choose their swords with Laertes picking his and Hamlet only asking its the same size.

They begin with Hamlet getting the first two hits King Claudius adds a pearl to Hamlets cup offering a drink but he refuses his mother does the same but he still refuses the King exclaims “our son shall win” and the queen declares a toast and drinks from the cup despite the Kings warning. Laertes and Hamlet fight for the third time with Laertes hitting Hamlet with the poison sword the fall on the ground switch swords and Hamlet hits Laertes with the poison sword as well then the Queen falls.

The King says she is fell because of the blood but she states she “has been poisoned” Laertes tells Hamlet of the murder plot and that the poison sword is in his hand. Hamlet stabs the King and to ensure his death pours the wine down his throat he and Laertes forgive each other so they both go to heaven and Hamlet tells Horatio to tell his story and entrust the Danish crown to Fortinbras who army and him approach they come and see the bodies and Fortinbras agrees to take the crown and says that the bodies to be buried.

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To live or not to live is my problem. To remain respected and live with my uncles deceit or to kill him for his crimes ending his reign of terror. to die or rest knowing the rest I bring destroying the pain he caused to so many

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Act 4 Scene 1 Claudius expects to receive news about his plan but his Queen Gertrude comes to inform him of Hamlets killing of Polonius much to the King’s surprise. King Claudius tries to devise a plan to make sure Hamlets wrong deed is not linked back to him and tells the Queen that they must send Hamlet to England. Following this, the King sends Rozencrantz and Guildenstern to find Hamlet.

Act 4 Scene 2 Hamlet has secretly hidden the body of Polonius. When Rozencrantz and Guildenstern come to investigate and ask Hamlet where the body is, he doesn’t give them a straight answer, instead calling them spies in service of the King he later allows them to take him to the King.

Act 4 Scene 3 The King informs a group of attendants that Hamlet killed Polonius and that he must be sent to England. Rozencrantz and Guildenstern arrive with Hamlet when the King asks him where Polonius’ body is. He later discloses the location of the body to the King. Claudius informs Hamlet that he must go to England at once and Rozencrantz and Guildenstern should follow him. Then Claudius alone says that his plan for Hamlet to be killed in England has been set into action.

Act 4 Scene 4 The Prince Fortinbras marches his army through Denmark and sends his Captain to inform the King of their request to pass through Denmark. On the way he sees Hamlet who is on his way to England. He informs them of the Journey that they are going on and the land they are after Hamlet then ponders on his inactivity in comparison to the Prince Fortinbras.

Act 4 Scene 5 The Queen and Horatio talk about Ophelia. the Queen doesn’t want to see her but obliges, Ophelia enters grief ridden has sent her into madness speaking in song. She also starts stating that Laertes will replace the King then leaves. Laertes comes with a mob to come kill the King with Laertes accusing the King of killing his father. The King though he doesn’t give up hamlet he assures Laertes that they will find the culprit of his fathers death.

Act 4 Scene 6 Horatio receives a letter from Hamlet telling him that he has been Kidnapped by pirates and is on his way back to England even though they didn’t take anyone else on the boat and Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are still on their way to England. He tells Horatio that the other letters are for the King and when he is done delivering them he should meet with Horatio immediately he has news to share.

Act 4 Scene 7 The King confirms that Hamlet killed Polonius and is attempting to Kill him as well while Laertes questions why the King hasn’t had Hamlet killed for his crimes.The King explains he has stopped himself even though he has no intention of letting Hamlet live then, the letters from Hamlet arrive informing the King of Hamlets return to Denmark. The King and Laertes plot to kill Hamlet in a friendly duel were Hamlets sword will be blunt and Laertes will be sharp in addition, they will dip Laertes sword in poison just in case and finally, they will pour poison in Hamlet’s wine in case Laertes does not succeed.

Queen Gertrude enters to inform them of Ophelia’s death by drowning she goes into graphic detail about the events that unfolded which pushes Laertes grief over the limit and he barges out of the room swiftly followed by Claudius and Gertrude.

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Act 3 Scene 1 In the beginning of this act the King calls upon two of Hamlets close friends Rozencrantz and Guildenstern to ask them to inform him of Hamlets recent actions to which they inform him of very little without disclosing Hamlets plan to attack and kill the King. The King and Queen agree to go to the play before the King asks the Queen to leave as him and Polonius hide and wait for Hamlet to bump into Ophelia.

Before this Hamlet has his speech to himself with Shakespeare most famous line “To be or not to be” with Hamlet wondering weather he should kill himself or not but if he is man enough to kill himself he should be man enough to kill his uncle(The King).However, when Hamlet arrives he sees Ophelia who he calls a liar and says that she should go to a nunnery(Brothel) later on he says that no man can be deserving of her love and says that she should go to a nunnery.

Act 3 Scene 2 As Hamlet hastily rushes the players to prepare they are getting ready for the play that is soon to occur Hamlet who is overly nervous Trying to ensure that the players perform their parts correctly With everyone getting into their seats Hamlet welcomes Horatio before the pre play scene begins He makes sure to inform Horatio to pay close attention to the King to catch his reaction to the play. after Hamlet messes with Polonius and confuses Ophelia the trumpet is played for the pre play to take place. the play begins shortly after enacting the events that killed Hamlets father and when its revealed that the new Kings nephew is the one who kills him King Claudius halts the play and fleas the area. Hamlet excited by the evidence he has found he has been told that he is wanted by his mother and states he will scorn her but not kill her.

Act 3 Scene 3 The King shaken and scared by the events asks Rozencrantz and Guildenstern to take Hamlet on a voyage to England immediately due to his “dangerous madness”. Polonius arrives and says that he would hide in the Queen’s bedroom and spy on her and Hamlet. after Polonius leaves the King starts praying to God stating he knows he can’t be forgiven for his sins with the fact that he is still gaining from the death of his brother. soon Hamlet slips into the room and unsheathed his sword However, he decides he will not kill him yet with him having the right to confess his sins and his father never got the chance to do it.

Act 3 Scene 4 In the scene Hamlet goes to confront his mother about the multiple deeds that she has committed that he feels is wrong. while they are in there Hamlet says something ominous that unsettles his mother she screams for help and Polonius answers from behind the curtain. Shocked from the noise from behind the curtain Hamlet thrusts his rapier(French sword) into the curtain killing Polonius. After his mother shocked at his action asks him why he did what he did Hamlet still continues to insult her. the Ghost finally returns to tell Hamlet to focus on the task he was asked to do.

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